Customized Reminders

One of the favorite features on Bedsider is our free reminders. In fact, it’s common to see them tweeted, posted on Instagram, and shared on Facebook.

Users can receive our birth control reminders for the pill, patch, ring, or Depo shot via email or text. We even offer anonymous reminders for those who require heightened confidentiality. Users can also schedule appointment reminders so they don’t forget their next office visit.

Now Providers can customize Bedsider’s appointment reminders and offer them to patients with your clinic name and phone number included in the message. For more information, please contact us at

We’re happy to arrange for your location to offer Bedsider’s birth control or appointment reminders for all of your patients.

Health Center Finder

Bedsider has the most comprehensive list of where to get birth control ever compiled. If you’d like to provide people with access to our directory, it is available to embed on your website or blog. Just send us a note at and we'll get you set up.

By the way, we welcome you to add your clinic, practice, or location if it’s not already in our directory. Try searching for your site using the health center search on Bedsider's Where to Get It page. If you don't show up in the results, click the link below the map on that page and send us your information. It's that easy!