What are the results for how Bedsider works in health clinics?

Below are the highlights from the 2012-2013 study in which The National Campaign collaborated with the National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association (NFPRHA) and American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG). While the research methodologies for many of the studies don’t allow for determinations of causality, many clinics saw improvements during the period they implemented interventions with Bedsider.

  • No-show rates: The Center for Health and Prevention of San Luis Obispo County’s Center for Health and Prevention, a NFPRHA site who used Bedsider for method and appointment reminders, found their no-show rates were 3.6%, compared to 13% for the same quarter the previous year. HCCMS Family Health Services in Iowa saw a declining no-show rate from 21% to 15% after Bedsider implementation.
  • Use of and interest in LARC: Cincinnati Health Department Reproductive Health and Wellness Program, a NFPRHA site, found that only about 30% of the sample was using LARC before the visit, and more than 60% of the sample was using LARC after the visit in which they were introduced to Bedsider. At Health Imperative sites in Boston, more women requested a LARC during the Bedsider intervention, compared to the same period the previous year. And ACOG fellows at Wake Forest Baptist Health found that more women indicated they were interested in LARC after postpartum contraceptive counseling using Bedsider than before the intervention.
  • Reductions in exam times: At Flathead Community Health Center, the average patient spent 57 minutes during an initial physical exam, compared to 69 minutes before the use of Bedsider.
  • Patient and provider reactions: All sites that included patient focus groups or surveys found that patients responded favorably to Bedsider. Multiple sites reported that women felt Bedsider was easy to access, presented positive, helpful information, and found the content empowering and reliable.
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