What resources does Bedsider have on birth control methods for patients?

Explore Methods article image It turns out that birth control was ready for its close up. Bedsider uses clear, stylish photographs to showcase every single birth control option in a tabletop view. Then we take it a step further and let patients view them with our own unique filters.

Most effective? This view contains the most effective methods available. Party-ready? Our lists are for real women in the real world, and sometimes they drink. So that view features methods that would cover someone who needs a method for safe, spontaneous, unplanned intercourse. Our STI prevention will help a woman prevent unplanned pregnancy and contracting a sexually transmitted infection. Easy to hide features methods for women who need to protect their privacy and keep their birth control a secret. Do me now? Well, that list includes methods women might appreciate if they were having regular sex and wanted options that were convenient, effective, and easy to use without having to remember anything during the act.

Compare Methods article image Bedsider’s side-by-side comparison view allows patients to see the attributes of all methods in one place. And for those interested in the differences between just a few methods, there’s the ability to build your own and compare any three methods.

Method Detail Pages article image Up-to-date information on every method available in the U.S.? Check. Relatable, easy to understand language with just enough humor to make birth control fun? Double check.

We know that users want details. They just don’t want them so cold and clinical that they’re hard to get through. Bedsider lists facts that matter, like costs, how to use a method, positive and negative side effects, and problems along with solutions from our Questions section. And we write about the details in a familiar, friendly tone of voice designed to be relatable and entertaining.