What is included in Bedsider’s Features section?

While the Bedsider experience is consistent throughout our website, the Features section is where our approach—and voice—really shine.

Patients can explore a wide array of topics, from sex tips to breaking news about birth control, from hilarious myth-busting animated videos to informative self-management articles written by Providers for the Bedsider community. Here is our collection of content:

  • Full Coverage—Includes our subscription series Provider Perspectives, where patients can receive helpful articles on health and wellness written by real doctors. There are also quick links to information on birth control basics, as well as a regular roundup of birth control news called Get On Top.

  • Real Stories—Videos that share what it’s really like to use a specific method from women and men who actually use it.

  • Fact or Fiction—Humorous animations busting some of the most common sex and birth control myths.

  • Frisky Fridays—One of our cheekier features, this is a weekly column on life, love, lust, and where birth control fits into it all.

  • The Guy's Guide to Birth Control—A humorous video series breaking down some common forms of birth control in terms dudes and ladies can understand.