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We're still looking for stories from providers and patients!

Between ongoing discussion of repealing the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and attacks on funding for the Title X Family Planning program, it's more important than ever to get the word out about the importance of affordable access to birth control. That's why we're still collecting and amplifying stories from health care providers and the public about what birth control makes possible.

How have the ACA and/or Title X affected your work as a provider of contraceptive care?

We would love to hear from you or your patients. Tell us what you've observed about what birth control makes possible or how programs and laws to make the full range of methods more accessible have impacted you personally or professionally. Feel free to share anecdotes and personal experiences.

You can submit your story (and invite colleagues and patients to do the same) through The National Campaign's website.

How your response may be used: We may include your comments in blog posts and other materials but will not attribute them to you in an identifiable way without your specific permission. For example, we might use a quote from you and attribute it to "Jane S., Nurse Practitioner in a clinic setting, Ohio"—but nothing beyond that without your consent. To that end, please be sure to include your role (MD, NP, clinic staffer, etc.), the type of environment you practice in (clinic, hospital, private practice, community health center, college health center, etc.), and the city/state where you work.

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Got mental health expertise?

We're looking for a health care professional with training and experience in mental health care to serve as a resource for an upcoming article on sexual health, anxiety, and depression. If you or one of your colleagues can help, please drop us a line to say so!

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