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Jun 30 2016
Your Summer Reading List!
Summer is in full swing and we hope you've got some fabulous vacations—or at least a long weekend or two—on the calendar. In case you need something to read by the pool or on the flight, we've rounded up the latest from Bedsider and Bedsider Providers.
Jun 02 2016
Providers.Bedsider.org got a makeover!
We’ve been making some changes to Providers.Bedsider.org and, while the redesign is still in progress, we’d love for you to check out what we’ve done so far and let us know if you have feedback. We’ve also made it possible to include individual pharmacists in our “Where to get it” clinic finder, so if you’re a pharmacist who provides birth control, sign up to be listed in our database.
Apr 05 2016
Here’s to 20 more years
2016 marks the 20th anniversary of The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, the organization responsible for Bedsider. This month, The National Campaign is launching a 9-month initiative to celebrate the accomplishments of those 20 years and highlight the critical work that remains to be done.
Feb 23 2016
Birth Control. Better. Hello, 2016!
It may be February, but if you ask us it’s never too late to say Happy New Year! We’ve been busy making origami and working on other exciting 2016 projects. More to come on those soon—and a few things we thought you might find interesting in the meantime.