Here’s what we know for sure: 7 in 10 pregnancies among single women in their 20s are unplanned. So we designed a free online birth control support network that helps women find a method that’s right for them—and stick with it—until they’re ready to have a baby.

Then we learned: 8 out of every 10 Providers believe that better contraceptive counseling would improve how patients use birth control. So we created a version of Bedsider to support doctors, nurses, health educators, pharmacists, and any staff member who works with birth control.

Want tools and materials that inform and engage patients? We’ve got them for you and they’re free. Want to reduce appointment no-show rates and increase the overall quality of a patient’s visit? We can do that too.

Think of Bedsider as your partner in birth control. We can help you talk about it. We can help your patients use it better. We can even make it sexy, friendly, and a little fun.

All you have to do is sign up.