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Research roundup: September edition

The month's top research and guidelines on birth control, sexual health, abortion, STIs, and more.

about 2 months ago
Provider and patient
What does respect have to do with birth control counseling?

Being warm and listening to patients can have a big impact.

about 3 years ago
Girl waiting for doctor
Your patient has the answer

We can only listen when we create a space for the patient to speak. Your patient is the expert on her life and needs.

9 months ago
Lede providers
Can premedication make IUD insertion less painful?

Contrary to popular belief, ibuprofen does NOT work.

over 3 years ago
Rainbow flag lede
Excellent care for LGBTQ patients

Here's how to be part of the solution when it comes to the health disparities LGBTQ people face.

over 3 years ago
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U=U (Undetectable = Untransmittable)

Talking with your patients with HIV about their transmission risk.

7 months ago
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Add or edit your clinic info for

Submit or update information about your clinic listing on

4 months ago
Colored art iud
What makes the Liletta IUD different from Mirena?

Here’s what you and your patients should know about these two (very similar) hormonal IUDs.

9 months ago
Prescription pickup
Are you a pharmacist trained to provide birth control directly to patients?

Add your name and the pharmacies where you work so we can help customers find you.

over 3 years ago
Generic vs. brand name birth control but  i thought it was all covered
Starting birth control after using ‘ella’ for EC

Here’s what you need to know to help your patients balance risks and uncertainties related to starting hormonal birth control after ella.

almost 3 years ago
Waiting room cropped lightened header
Racism in family planning care

Let’s take these steps to ensure that patients of color and poor patients achieve true reproductive health equity within our generation.

about 3 years ago
Bedsider uses clear, stylish photographs to showcase every single birth control option in a tabletop view. Then we take it a step further and let patients view them with our own unique filters.”

Learn more about Bedsider's Method Explorer.

Bedsider uses clear, stylish photographs to showcase every single birth control option in a tabletop view. Then we take it a step further and let patients view them with our own unique filters.
10 months ago
Providers sti online resources
STI status sharing: online resources for your patients

Have a patient who's uncomfortable notifying partners about a positive STI diagnosis? These online resources can help.

over 3 years ago
Bedsider evaluation results lede

In 2014, we initiated a professional, independent, random assignment evaluation of Bedsider.

over 3 years ago
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LILETTA now approved for use up to 5 years!

The FDA has extended approval of LILETTA IUDs for up to 5 years of use, research shows they are safe and effective for up to 7 years.

12 months ago
Fertility awareness
Talking fertility awareness methods with your patients

You may have your doubts about FAM, but what if your patients want to use it?

9 months ago
Paragard hand lede
Is LARC a silver bullet to end unplanned pregnancy?

Experts weigh in on how many women would use IUDs and implants in the absence of barriers.

over 3 years ago
Bug spray lede
Reproductive counseling in the age of Zika virus

Sex, contraception, pregnancy, fear… Here’s what health care providers can do for their patients.

over 3 years ago
Pink pill pack
Nobody’s perfect: Pill efficacy for the real world

Our patients shouldn’t have to be perfect to protect themselves from accidental pregnancy.

over 3 years ago