Sex has always been fun. Birth control hasn’t.

But what if we changed that? Would individuals, families, local communities, or even the whole country benefit if birth control was more approachable and easier to use?

The team behind Bedsider says yes.

From the staff at Power to Decide who work on Bedsider to the medical advisors and partners who help us, we believe that family planning can improve the lives and future prospects of children and families.

And until a woman is ready to have a child, we believe that birth control should be affordable, accessible, and even enjoyable.

But we’re not just here to serve women age 18 to 29. If your work involves helping people find the best birth control method for them, we are here for you too.

Take a look at our free tools and materials and see how we can reduce no-show rates and increase the overall quality of a patient’s visit. Better yet, sign up and join our efforts. Together we can make a huge difference.