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How you can help keep Abortion Finder up to date

Abortion Finder remains the most comprehensive directory of trusted and verified abortion service providers in the United States and we are committed to keeping this resource up to date. Find out what you can do to support our efforts, whether you are providing abortion care or not.

by Bedsider Providers

published 07/06/22

We are calling clinics every day and monitoring the landscape to verify the availability of abortion services and ensure that abortion seekers have the most updated information they need to access services, including clinics, abortion funds, and other support services.

If you are an abortion provider, you can help our efforts by reviewing your clinic information and availability on Abortion Finder and letting us know if updates are needed through the Contact Us page on AbortionFinder.org. Please especially let us know:

  • If your abortion service offerings have changed
  • If the gestational limits for your clinic for the abortion procedure and/or medication abortion needs to be updated
  • If you are offering abortion referrals
  • What days of the week you offer abortion services (if relevant)
  • What the next available appointment dates are for counseling (if applicable), for pill, for procedure at the time you follow up with us

If you are not currently offering abortion services, you can help our efforts by sharing AbortionFinder.org with patients who are seeking abortion care. You can also visit our state-by-state guide for an up-to-the-minute, printable list of all abortion providers in your state as well as a list of all abortion funds and practical support organizations in your state.

P.S. Did you know that you can get an Abortion Finder badge buddy with a QR code? And even better, it's free.

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