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Bedsider has the most comprehensive list of where to get birth control ever compiled. Find birth control in person and online. By the way, we welcome you to add your clinic, practice, or location if it’s not already in our directory. Try searching for your site using the health center search on Bedsider's Where to Get It page. If you don't show up in the results, click the link below the search bar on that page and send us your information. It's that easy!


Birth control delivered

In addition to the most comprehensive list of where to get birth control in person, Bedsider has the most up-to-date list of birth control delivery services. Just enter the zip code where the birth control will be delivered to see available options to get the birth control pill, patch, ring, or emergency contraception prescribed (or refilled) and delivered.

Some of these telehealth services involve Skype-style video chats with a health care provider, while others require a short health questionnaire. Many provide free shipping, accept health insurance, and offer automatic refills. And learn more about the most frequently asked questions by Bedsider users about getting birth control online.


Abortion Finder

Abortion Finder is an easy-to-use search tool with clear, up-to-date information about the availability of abortion care across the country and is available both on Bedsider and as a standalone site,, in both English and Spanish. With more than 750 health centers, it’s the most comprehensive directory of trusted and verified abortion service providers in the United States. The finder is made possible through a partnership and coalition of reproductive and sexual health medical and advocacy organizations, including the National Abortion Federation and Planned Parenthood Federation of America. It includes clinics affiliated with them as well as Abortion Care Network and some unaffiliated independent clinics.

State-by-state guides on have key information for abortion seekers by state including up-to-date information on how to navigate state-level restrictions, access funds, and other assistance resources, and search for providers all in one place. These will continue to be updated to make sure that abortion seekers have the up-to-date information they need.

We are continually updating and refining the service database behind this tool. If you provide abortion services, please check to see that the information we have for your site is accurate. If changes are needed, please let us know.


Method photos

Bedsider offers licensing solutions for our library of professional birth control images for use on websites or in your own patient materials. Please visit Power to Decide's Consulting page to learn more about licensing photography.


Customized Reminders

One of the favorite features on Bedsider is our free reminders. Users can download an app and schedule birth control reminders for the pill, patch, ring, or shot. We even have discreet reminders for those concerned about confidentiality.


API feed of information

Bedsider offers detailed information on every birth control method available in the U.S. (And along with our medical advisors and partners, we’ve gone to great lengths to make sure it’s 100% accurate and unboring.)

By using the application program interface (a.k.a. "API"), Providers can access all of the information from our method detail pages, feature articles, and questions, and use it on a website. That way, when we update our content, the content in the API gets automatically updated too.

Please visit Power to Decide's Consulting Services page to learn more about licensing content from Bedsider.