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It was a pleasure to contribute to Colorado’s fantastic Beforeplay campaign. The Beforeplay team also contributed to Bedsider by helping clean up the Colorado listings in our “Where to get it” database. We love win-wins.

Here’s what the Beforeplay had to say about the collaboration:

Here’s the sitch: Last year, the Colorado statewide effort known as made its big debut as a one-touch, online resource for honest, open sexual health information. The goal? To help prevent unintended pregnancies across the state, reduce the spread of STDs and “normalize” the conversation around all things sex. Thinking, talking and acting is all part of the framework. From the realities about pregnancy and STDs/STIs to conversations about sexuality and effective birth control, is here to encourage Colorado to just talk about it.

At we want everyone to make informed, healthy decisions about sex and birth control that are right for them. We are grateful to have been able to source and modify some of Bedsider’s valuable content for the purposes of our own site, including our perpetually convenient health center locator and our interactive birth control method selector. Plus, it goes without saying it has been a great opportunity to have the support of a respected, national resource like Bedsider.

With Bedsider’s help, is now a key resource for people to get educated and get talking about sexual health in every corner of Colorado (and since we’re a rectangle state, we really mean every corner). In a way that works for Colorado, people’s knowledge is growing, we’re hitting the streets, nurturing a growing community on Facebook, and blogging up a storm, and people are taking notice…everywhere. Thanks for the hand, Bedsider.

article image’s implant details page pulls method information from Bedsider’s RSS feed and presents it with Beforeplay’s branding.

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