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  • Research roundup: October 2019 edition
    We’ve searched the journals and read the practice updates to round up this month’s top research and guidelines on birth control, sexual health, abortion, STIs, and more!
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  • Excellent care for LGBTQ patients
    Here's how to be part of the solution when it comes to the health disparities LGBTQ people face.
    We’ve known for a long time that LGBTQ people have health disparities compared to heterosexual and cis-gendered people. So what can you as a provider do to reduce these disparities?
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  • What do YOU use for birth control?
    Pros, cons, and alternatives when it comes to telling your patients about your own birth control method.
    Self-disclosure by providers is a controversial topic in all areas of medicine. In the field of reproductive health, in which it’s common to discuss the most intimate of topics with our patients, self-disclosure is an especially important consideration. Studies by Evans and by Zapata suggest that, when appropriate, provider self-disclosure about contraception can be done without negative consequences. But how can we be certain that a situation is appropriate? And in circumstances when a clinician isn’t using birth control (e.g., she is trying to conceive; she is infertile; or, like me, she has a female partner), how should she handle the situation?
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  • Sex, Gender, and Orientation 101
    But when it comes to human sexuality, words are important.
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    For folks who have never questioned their sex, gender, orientation, or preferred pronoun, it may be a challenge to keep up with patients who have spent years thinking about these questions themselves. But when it comes to human sexuality, words are an important tool that we as providers can use to better understand our patients.
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